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Outdoor Living Products

Recycle Your Plastic
The Syntal Plastics Recycling Program

Did you know that EVERY DAY and FREE OF CHARGE a local state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is turning tonnes of rigid plastic waste from Victoria, BC homes and businesses into premium ALTWOOD® synthetic lumber?

Where is YOUR plastic waste going?

We encourage you to drop off your plastic waste at our facilities located at 6722 Bertram Place (in the Keating industrial center of Central Saanich). We have a large bin at our entrance to accept your plastics 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

We accept all of the plastic products below (and much more):

ABS Pipe
Antifreeze Containers
Beer Bottles (plastic) & Caps
Booster Seats
Buckets & Pails
Chip Dip Containers
Computer Shells (no electronics or metal)
Condiment Containers (Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayo...)
Cottage Cheese Containers
Cream Cheese Containers
Detergent Bottles & Cap
Dish Racks (plastic)
Drums (plastic, up to 45 gal.)
Felt-Marker Bodies
Garbage Pails
Gift Box Caps (clear)
Hand Lotion Containers
Hard Hats
Ice Cream Buckets
Ice Trays
Kids Pools (rigid)
Laundry Baskets
Margarine Tubs
Milk Jugs
Plant Containers (clean)
Plastic Patio Chairs & Tables
Peanut Butter Containers
Pop Bottles (plastic & Caps)
Rubbermaid Storage Bins
Salad Dressing Containers
Shampoo Bottles & Caps
Shoe Racks
Signs (plastic) Spa Bottles & Caps
Tennis Ball Containers
Tent Pegs
Tobacco Containers
Tool Shop Cases
Tooth Brushes
Toothpaste Tubes
Truck Bed Liners
TV Shells (no electronics or metal)
Vinegar Bottles & Caps
Vitamin Bottles & Caps
Water Bottles & Caps
Yogurt Containers

Please note that your plastic waste must be relatively clean and free of glass, sand, rocks and metal. All containers must be totally empty.

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